From the Desk


The team at Sapphire House of Fashion has one sole aim- to provide quality products in a timely manner as per the customer’s requirements. We understand that the business environment today is dynamic and therefore, endeavor to stay in touch with the ever-changing elements and strive to modify the structure of our organization accordingly. With this determination in mind, we hope to move towards fresher avenues in the near future.

- Aanchal Ghai (Director)
Sapphire House of Fashion Pvt. Ltd.


Our journey started when we noticed a gap in the fashion industry- one that alienated smaller retailers. We made it our aim to fill that gap and so far, we have been successful and hope to continue on this path in the future as well.

We also believe that it is the responsibility of any leader to set goals and ensure that every part of the organization is moving towards the fulfillment of these targets. That is exactly what we try to focus on so as to improve our existing constitution and add to it bit by bit.

- Aditya Ghai (Chief Executive Officer)
Sapphire House of Fashion Pvt. Ltd.

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