Quality Assurance

Sapphire House of Fashion Pvt. Ltd. prides itself to be single-minded when it comes to quality assurance. A step-by-step process is carried out so as to ensure the buyer’s confidence in the short run as well as the long run.

Details of this systematic checking are as follows:

Fabric Inspection

A thorough inspection is carried out to spot:

  • Knitting defects
  • Dyeing flaws
  • Printing defects
  • Dye streaks
  • Bowing
  • Holes or tears
  • Color and Lot Variation

A fabric report is prepared after each inspection.

The fabric is also subjected to a number of tests such as color fastness, shrinkages and the fabric’s weight is also recorded along side. In addition to that, the trims such as twill tapes, buttons, lace, etc are tested as well.


Precision in terms of cutting forms the core and base of any garment manufacturing unit and we at Sapphire House of Fashion Pvt. Ltd. strongly believe in perfecting this art. Our patterns are checked and measured against the specifications given by the buyers; every bundle is numbered to avoid confusion at a later stage in terms of sizes and colors; stripes and prints are matched to the original samples and barcodes are assigned to each bundle for accurate tracking.


When it comes to quality products, the overall appearance and presentation is paramount which is why our finishing section is given top priority. Therefore, at the finishing stage the garments are checked for stains, button hole placement, sewing flaws and lastly for the main label, wash care label, hang tag, print and price stickers.





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